Before contacting, read the FAQ below to see if you can find an answer. Please contact if you have any other questions, media enquiries, marketing, are experiencing technical issues, or have an issue with a member. No solicitations or spam emails (including for web related services).


What is Persephone’s Forum about anyway?

Persephone’s Forum was born out of frustration where it seems certain voices aren’t being heard online. While its main goal is a safe space for creative individuals and anyone who likes astrology, it’s welcoming for anyone who just wants to enjoy the standard online space minus the usual red tape. We’re aiming to be inclusive and aren’t afraid to rock the boat, while always being compassionate.

How can I update my profile and cover picture?

On your profile, click the “profile” button –> scroll down to “change my profile picture”, “change my cover photo”.

Why is my post not showing in one of the forums yet?

It’s likely that your post contains a picture, which is often required for approval in the forums section to prevent spam due to site features. If this isn’t the case, please email the site administrator.

Why was one of my posts or comments deleted?

Comments and posts are deleted when they contain rude language or bullying, adult content, spam or anything relating to Multi-Level Marketing or pyramid schemes.

I want to share photography work or artistic photos, but don’t want it to get flagged, how can I ensure my posts stay up?

Before posting any pictures, make sure there is no excessive nudity or anything promoting violence. Boudoir style is fine as long as it doesn’t come across as offensive or pornographic. The world is already a chaotic place, we don’t need to make the Internet the same way.

Can I upload videos and music on Persephone’s Forum?

While a main goal behind Persephone’s Forum is to promote more of the arts, right now the platform is still in its infancy. We may allow these features in the near future! In the meantime, share links in posts and remember to sign up for Persephone’s Lounge.

Someone on Persephone’s Forum is harassing me, what can I do?

Please report these kinds of scenarios to the site administrator. Persephone’s Forum has zero tolerance for hatred, bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. We also appreciate discussions related to social issues as long as they stay respectful.